Panasonic F-PXU70M X Air Purifier HEPA composite filter, deodorising- (EX-DISPLAY)

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Condition:  Ex Display in excellent working condition. It may have some scratches/marks. Comes in the original retail packaging. Photo is only for illustration purposes. 


nanoe™X Air Purification

  • Actively neutralises/inhibits 5 types of pollutants and deodorizes odours

HEPA Filter & Deodorizing Filter

  • HEPA: Remove above 0.3μm particles up to 99.97%
  • Deodorizing function

PM2.5/Odour Indication

  • PM2.5 digital display
  • Clean sign for odour level

Suitable for Rooms of up to 95m2

  • Boosted performance to 360m³/hr CADR

Low Energy Consumption

  • Runs at 36 W power at Max

Sleep Mode

  • Dimmed display light
  • Wisper quiet at 18db

Dimension: 362W x 280D x 560H (mm)

Floor area capacity is tested on NRCC 54013, under the condition of high speed

Package Contents: 

1x Panasonic F-PXU70M X Air Purifier- (EX-DISPLAY)