Thrustmaster eSwap Fighting Pack T-mod PS4


Condition:  Opened Never Used As New. 


Thrustmaster offers a pack of modules dedicated to the ESWAP PRO CONTROLLER to expand your gaming comfort zone and increase your win/lose ratio in fighting games.

These modules feature shapes that are designed for the most intense duels as well as brand-new textures for optimal handling in combat in order to push your boundaries and deliver the finishing move!

A complete set of modules with a dark, mysterious style to get you ready for all types of fights.

The product is under official license from PlayStation 4, is fully functional with the ESWAP PRO CONTROLLER, and is compatible with PS4 and and PCs running Windows 10 (PC compatibility not tested or approved by Sony Interactive Entertainment).


  • Beige, circular multidirectional D-pad for more fighting flexibility
  • Unique, exclusive combat module for better precision and easier in-game combos
  • Ultra-precise modules with minimal response time thanks to the ultra-reactive, durable tact switches
  • Long alternative triggers for unprecedented playing comfort, increased amplitude and completely new sensations
  • Operational and functional modules using the T-MOD technology and the ESWAP PRO CONTROLLER""s hot-swap function to switch out modules at any time during the game


T-MOD technology and unique hot-swap function

Interchangeable modules: configure your controller however you want!

Industrial-grade components for highly reactive modules

Infinitely modulable ecosystem (sold separately)

Free software for PS4 and PC gamers to master and adjust all essential settings

Package Contents: 

1 circular D-pad

1 combat module

2 interchangeable grips

2 interchangeable long triggers

2 touchpad stickers

1 quick start guide and warranty information