Commercial Double Pot Large 730mm Electric Griddle Barbeque Plate Fast Heating 73cm

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Condition: This is a Brand New Item. Comes in Retail Box.

Brand : Unbranded
Model/P.No : Double Pot Electric Griddle
Power : 4400W
Voltage : 220V

Plug Type: No Plug (15A)

This has strong heat resistance, not easy to black and not easy to stick, and excellent performance. Under the condition of frying and baking, there is no obvious change and no oxidation will blacken at high temperature.  The item is made up of Stainless steel and the Plate is made up of Metal which is 0.9cm. 

It has got 

Large capacity oil collecting box which collects grease residue and keep grilled food clean. The griddle has U-Shaped heating tube in bold which is attached to the gridding in the form of a surface. The griddle is evenly dispersed when heated. Two sides of double temperature control zone temperature control, suitable for a variety of food production


Width: 730mm

Depth: 480mm

Height: 230mm

Plate thickness: 9mm 

PLEASE NOTE: You will need an electrician to install a 15A plug. 

Package Contents:
1 x Commercial Double Pot Large Electric Griddle Barbeque Plate Fast Heating